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Watch Las Vegas owner short sale & get 20k cash short sale specialist

Short Sale Czar Steve Hawks. One Las Vegas owner who decided to strategic default received a / Successful Short Sale and Cash Back / Las Vegas Real Estate Agent Specialist short sale czar Steve Hawks / talks about the Las Vegas home owner receiving over 20,000 dollars back and a full deficiency waiver the loan amount was close to 300,000 and the bank waived over 200,000 and gave the owner who was an investor not even an owner occupant over 20,000 dollars. This program is a life saver for Las Vegas and Henderson residents currently underwater on their mortgage. Steve Hawks has negotiated millions of dollars off his clients loans and has negotiated hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash back for them. Short sale today and get up to 30k to buy your new home. You really need a short sale specialist like Steve Hawks.

The short sale solution / short sale czar / Steve Hawks Henderson Realtor/loan modification / underwater principal reduction / reduce mortgage / are you upside down on your mortgage / don’t know what to do call steve hawks he knows what to do. Is AB 284 helping home owners get cash back for short sale? Take advantage of this short sale opportunity.


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