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AB 284 winners and losers in the Las Vegas Real Estate Market
AB 284 Las Vegas Real Estate Update for March 2012 Assembly Bill 284 indicates that there are winners and losers in the local economy relating to new law AB 284. The Las Vegas resale home inventory is near a record low. Who are the winners and losers? Is now the time to buy a home in Las Vegas? How is the new law affecting prices GLVAR Realtor Steve Hawks provides valuable information about the current Las Vegas Real Estate market conditions? Call Steve 702-458-3999 should your short sale or live for free? walk away or don’t pay and stay reduce mortgage principal las vegas short sale / henderson short sale agent

Has AB 284 created another Las Vegas real estate bubble?
AB 284 has created the best market for new home builders since 2005 and we have seen the making of the AB 284 bubble some Las Vegas homes have appreciated over 30% since January the home on millcroft was purchased off the mls for 88,000 dollars it was sold in less than 30 days for 130,500 wow over 35% profit in 30 days that’s better returns then the 2005 bubble the new law AB 284 has created its own real estate bubble just like 2005 popped so will the AB 284 bubble pop. This is the tax credit on steroids after the tax credit prices plummeted 5 consecutive quarters when notice of defaults or judicial foreclosures return then prices will fall to pre AB 284 prices just like the tax credit prices fell to the pre tax credit price. All major analysts have reported that AB 284 has delayed the recovery and had forced current home buyer to pay higher AB 284 bubble prices and when the current buyers need to sell in the near future they will be known as the AB 284 short sale sellers. has this law helped bank America? Has this new law helped short sales?

Has AB 284 helped short sales? Have AB 284 help short sales? Has the law helped investors?
Has AB 284 let home owners live for free for 4 years? Contact the short sale czar Steve hawks on ab 284 short sales. AB 284 has created an artificial shortage prices are sky rocketing the bump before the dump. AB 284 is giving home owners the free ticket to strategic default AB 284 is also known as Assembly Bill 284 . What does Wells Fargo think of this new law? The banks and builders profit from this law and the flippers are seeing the best returns in history. AB 284 has been a boom for flippers and trustee sale buyers at the court house. Las Vegas real estate investors all agree AB 284 has tripled their profits.


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