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Steve Hawks Exposes the Number One Mortgage Fraud Scam

Las Vegas Realtor and Leading Consumer Advocate Steve Hawks Exposes the Number One Mortgage Fraud Scheme In America.

Las Vegas real estate experts and leading consumer advocates Kendall Trotter and Steve Hawks uncover one of the most popular mortgage fraud schemes in the country.

The two realtors blow the lid off one of the main reasons for the credit crunch, the lack of available money for home buyers, the unprecedented write downs and losses of holders of mortgage backed securities.

The Vegas experts Trotter and Hawks give details on how unsuspecting buyers became victims of a supposed real estate investment. Little did the homebuyer know that the price of the home was being fraudulently inflated from the original list price and the cash back was going back to a third party llc.

The third party would then rent the homes out collect the rent and then not pay the mortgage. The bank would take the home back the victims credit was ruined and the neighborhood were the group bought theses homes would see their values tumble from the high number of foreclosures.

This started the first wave of Las Vegas home values dropping and is the main reason for the recent unprecedented drop in Las Vegas real estate prices.

If you are a victim of mortgage fraud contact Las Vegas leading consumer advocate for fraud victims Steve Hawks. 1-866-58-Fraud.


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