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Getting Foreclosed on in Las Vegas? Take the Cash for Keys!!

What happens after foreclosure? Do you still occupy the property? How long do you have to move out?

Is cash for keys an option? What is cash for keys? Why is cash for keys a good solution for both parties?

The foreclosure problem in Las Vegas has caused millions of dollars in losses for the banks. The cash for keys program is one program banks are using to cut down on future losses by giving the occupants of a foreclosed property money to leave in a timely fashion and leave the property in good condition.

The cash for keys program saves the bank form the costly process of eviction and repairing the property. It helps the occupant to have some money for moving expenses and prevents an eviction on their credit.

Vegas realtors Kendall Trotter, Jason Van Zant and Steve Hawks explain and answer questions about the cash for keys program in the Las Vegas real estate market.


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