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How to find out if the house your renting is in Foreclosure!

How to find out if the house your renting is in Foreclosure!

The mortgage meltdown and the drastic drop in Las Vegas Real Estate has caused many real estate investors to fall into foreclosure with the banks taking back the house. Another side effect of the foreclosure crisis are renters unexpectedly being evicted from their rental home not because they didn't pay rent but because their land lord was foreclosed on and the renters were never given any warning.

The only notice the renter gets is the three day eviction notice from the bank. Steve Hawks local consumer advocate and Vegas realtor along with long time real estate veteran Kendall Trotter discuss what a renter can do to prevent this from happening to them besides the obvious of buying their own house.

Steve Hawks explains the steps from the Clark county assessors office page to the Clark county recorders office page and the clicks in between to find out the information on a particular address to see if a notice of default had been filed. According to Hawks you should check the address with the Clark county assessor page and Clark county recorders office before you rent the property and and least once a month while you are renting the property to make sure that a notice of default has not been filed.

These easy steps will prevent you from being surprised one day by a bank representative giving you notice to vacate the property.For further details click the video below. Other questions feel free to contact Steve Hawks or Kendall Trotter.


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