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Buying a Short Sale the PROS and CONS.

Short sale expert and Realtor Steve Hawks has closed over 10 million dollars in short sale transactions since the recent Las Vegas real estate market downturn, Steve and real estate veteran Kendal Trotter discuss the possible advantages of buying a short sale.Hawks states that its possible to get an extremely good deal on a home.

Many times the short sale is the lowest priced home in the area. Hawks also states that banks are overwhelmed with the amount of foreclosures and short sales and the buyer need to be patient for an approval, but the buyer can be greatly rewarded with a huge equity position upon a successful close of escrow.

Before a buyer makes an offer on a short sale the buyer should confirm that the real estae agent has experience closing several short sales, even with experienced real esate agents its a difficult process. Steve Hawks has a proven track record of closed short sales.

If you are a buyer interested in short sales or bank owned properties contact Las Vegas realtor Steve Hawks 1-888-918-BANK


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