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"Steve Hawks gave us back our piece of mind thanks Steve!!!! We had ten homes that were purchased in a mortgage fraud scheme using our information. Steve Hawks helped us short sale 7 of the 8 homes.Then he put us in contact with people to help us with our situation and and repair our credit, Steve Hawks is one of the most knowledgable and connected indviduals we have ever met.Steve Hawks gave us great advice for our situation and the current Las Vegas real estate market. We highly reccommend Steve Hawks and appreciate his high integritity and helpfulness during these tough times. Thank you again Steve!"

Arnie & Shelly

"Before I met Steve I looked for over 5 months for a house. I worked with Steve for 2 weeks and he found me a house that was perfect and I only wrote one offer to buy it Steves experience  paid off for me."

Mike G

"I asked Steve if should buy more homes or sell them in June of  2005 he told me not to buy but sell. Whoa thank you Steve I'm glad I listened"

Eric L Real Estate Agent

"Steve thank you so much for helping us find our home we love it."

Jamie H

"Thank you Thank you Thank you Steve for getting us our money back from those scam artist and helping us short sale our home."

Luis R

"Steve received my short sale approval in 17 days from Bank of America which I understand is not very common.Steve's experience and contacts made my life a lot easier."

Rob G

"I received soooo many letters seen sooo many ads and talked to a lot of different people. Steve was the only one who answered all my questions at no cost. That's why I short saled my home with him,"

Krystal J

"Steves the best I dumped my former 500,000 dollar home and just closed on a bigger better  home for 298,000."

Joe G

"I paid several companies thousands of dollars for so called help. They promised me a loan modification all I got was broken promises. Steve explained everything in detail to me. So I could make the best call for me. I am so happy I met Steve he short sold my upside down house and now we are looking for a new home with equity and a low payment Steve is the real deal!"

Natalie B

"Steve is one of my best Realtors in Las Vegas"

Kevin H asset manager

"Steve Hawks knowledge and advice help me and my wife make over 500,000 dollars in less than 3 years. What advice? he told us to sell everything in 2005!! Thank you Steve."

Jim & Ang

"Thanks for helping my friend Hawkman!"

Tony C


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