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Banks reduce mortgage principal on million dollar homes. Owner now has equity.

The luxury home market in Las Vegas have seen a huge hit to the value of these once multi-million dollar homes,  the luxury home market in Las Vegas has seen a  recent spike in strategic default. The banks only have one choice to stop the million dollar strategic default wave that is going to flood the market with luxury home mortgage defaults. This is why strategic defaults are becoming an option for many homeowners. That one choice is to reduce principal on these mortgages. The luxury market in Las Vegas and Henderson has already seen a steep decline of over 50% and most experts including myself do not see the bottom in this segment yet, due to the high number of delinquent loans over 500,000.  The owners know the values are not coming back to the peak any time soon most experts say never. Bank reduced mortgage on luxury million dollar home watch video. It appears the banks must reduce the principal on these homes or face a massive luxury home foreclosure wave. Strategic default in Las Vegas Nevada sky rockets.

 Can you reduce my luxury home mortgage principal? Ask Steve Hawks.

 Steve, can you reduce my multimillion dollar mortgage principal?  This particular home owner tried to work with their bank, but like most, these Las Vegas home owners received no results from their bank.   Steve Hawks works with banks every day that are the answer to your real estate question. If you want great results then get great representation with Steve Hawks.  Here we go. The loan amount was one million three hundred thousand dollars. The interest rate was 6.50% payment was $7,308. The home value is $650,000. The bank reduced the mortgage principal by over $750,000 dollars, after the principal reduction the mortgage was reduced to $553,095 the payment was reduced to $1736.00 and the interest rate was reduced to 2.00% fixed for life. Today they have approximately $100,000 equity and they have peace of mind the financial stress is gone. The best part they have equity now and can sell the home and pocket $100,000. Great results come from great representation are you ready to reduce principal?

How do I reduce principal on my luxury home million dollar mortgage?

This is the most popular Las Vegas real estate question, how do I reduce my mortgage principal. You can Google all over the internet or contact Steve Hawks. You must have a top experienced negotiator and a true real estate expert who has achieved successful results in the past. The million dollar loans the banks let homeowners stay for free longer while the bank decides. The loan value is of higher value is so the banks delays longer to avoid losses. We have great results with the banks. The simple reason the bank wants to work with you to avoid a huge loss on their books. Steve Hawks give free consultations to thousands of home owner’s one on one and at mega events on the process of luxury short sale and luxury principal reduction.  Now is the time to reduce mortgage principal call Steve Hawks.


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