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Ab -284-short sale for cash mortgage –principal-reduction

AB 284 helps Las Vegas home owners get cash back to short sale
New law AB 284 has assisted Steve hawks gets his client’s cash back for short sale and AB 284 short sale deficiency waiver. watch video Short sale and cash back to buy new home with steve hawks the servicer or note holder has no right to go after the home owner complete short sale deficiency waived for life. For instance Steve Hawks just completed a Las Vegas short sale that the home owner was given 30,000 dollars to short sale their home, that’s not all and 3000 dollars for moving expenses to move to their new home after their short sale. The bank was owed over six hundred and fifty thousand dollars and the house was only worth three hundred thousand dollars. The homeowner was forgiven over three hundred thousand dollars and received the AB 284 short sale deficiency waiver for over three hundred thousand dollars. That is the true path to prosperity the owner rids themselves of the upside down mortgage and gets thirty thousand from the bank complete short sale. Las Vegas home owner on the path to prosperity post AB 284. How about this home owner the bank waived more than two million dollars and gave them thirty thousand dollars to move. video Bank forgives 2 million gives 30k to short sale steve hawks short sale czar The home was sold for less than nine hundred thousand and the home owner had a loan amount for over three million dollars. If you want to get on the path to prosperity in Las Vegas and Henderson real estate call Steve hawks today get on the road to recovery while AB 284 is helping home owners.

Is AB 284 helping home owners get mortgage principal reduction?
Was AB 284 the reason for these phenomenal results? It’s great representation from the gets great results that know how to use AB 284 to get these results. This Las Vegas resident was given a one hundred sixteen thousand dollar principal reduction. Their loan amount was over 216,000. Today it’s one hundred thousand dollars. Today the Las Vegas residents are ten thousand dollars in the black and now have Las Vegas real estate equity. Bank America reduces mortgage principal / shortsale. This one you won’t believe you will have to come in for a no cost consultation with Steve hawks to see this documentation a true AB 284 miracle in the desert. This home owner was given a mortgage principal reduction with the help and our knowledge of AB 284 of seven hundred and seventy six thousand dollars need I say more. What are you waiting for? If you are ready to take advantage of these opportunities. You need great representation to get great results call Steve hawks now to reduce your principal, get cash in your pocket to short sale your home and purchase another. AB 284 in its current form will not last long. Marcus Conklin AB 284.

The new AB 284 Law the Miracle in the desert for Las Vegas Real Estate home owners
Are your aware of the unprecedented law AB 284 that recently passed and took effect in Nevada 10.1.11  AB 284 law has halted a majority of major bank Notice of Defaults involving loans that are in default. This is the original step in non-judicial foreclosure process in Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada. The Nevada notice of default is definitely the moment in time when many home owners originate the short sale process of their Las Vegas or Henderson home. The guidelines in the AB 284 law have abruptly lowered the inventory due to many Las Vegas home owners strategies. Many Las Vegas real estate home owners have been in their house for three years plus without making a payment on their mortgage. According to LPS over half of homeowners in default on their mortgage in Las Vegas and Henderson are in their homes currently over two years. Get more AB 284 Las Vegas real estate market info at AB 284 effects explain by steve hawks las vegas short sale . Take advantage of AB 284 today call steve hawks

Act now AB 284 in the current form is for a limited time Due to the unintended consequences of AB 284 it appears that it will be amended. AB 284 has disrupted the real estate recovery and had caused a real estate bubble due to the artificial shortage of homes. That not the concern now the concern is to help you out of your under water mortgage and get on the right side of Las Vegas real estate. If you need a mortgage principal reduction or short sale call Steve hawks now. AB 284 and Steve hawks can be your miracle in the desert for Las Vegas and Henderson Real estate.

AB 284 notice of defaults plummet  short sale czar steve hawks helps las vegas henderson home owners

AB 284 notice of defaults plummet short sale czar Steve hawks helps Las Vegas Henderson home owners

ab 284 las vegas real estate bubble prices steve hawks  short sale czar

AB 284 Las Vegas real estate bubble

Steve Hawks short sale czar  / Las Vegas short sale specialist / steve hawks short sale czar /
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AB 284 the gift from Nevada for Henderson short sale home owners
AB 284 Las Vegas 2012 Real Estate Bubble
AB 284 Las Vegas Real Estate Mortgage Principal reduction
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